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Tzeela Dairy is 25 minutes from Beer Sheva and 35 minutes from Ashkelon and a pleasant hour's drive from Tel Aviv.
It is on the border between the desert sands to the south and the greener hues of the Northern Negev.
The farm is near Ein HaBesor (literally the Spring of the Besor) and Wadi HaBesor.

There are many tourist sites in the vicinity including different types of guest houses, hostels and camping sites, sulfur and mineral springs
, historical sites from antiquity as well as from the period of the Mandate, agricultural tourism and scenic routes for family cars and jeeps - a wide variety of possibilities.
Details are available at the farm or from the links page on the website.

About the Farm
The farm was established 40 years ago by the parents who came from nearby Kibbutz Magen.
They settled here with their flocks of sheep.
Four families now live on the farm which boasts the following agricultural branches:
Sheep for meat, a sheep dairy, potatoes, barley, wheat and ornamental asparagus.
The farm enjoys a topographical advantage being located on the seam of the desert and the green northern Negev,
with excellent loess and sandy soils ideal for agricultural.
Unique Climate

Desertwood Carpentry Workshop and Gallery displaying designs from wood.


Tzeela Dairy

The Farm's Restaurant is open on weekends:
Thursday evening 5PM-10PM; Friday   from 9 AM to 16PM;
Saturday 10 AM to 18PM
About the Dairy
The Dairy was established by Amnon and Tzeela after they decided
to build their home on the farm.
At the time they started the Sheep Farm Tzeela took courses in cheese making and sheep husbandry given by the Ministry of Agriculture.
The lessons learned were applied at home, using the kitchen stove and pots and pans.
When the moment was ripe the Dairy was opened to the public.
The Awassi sheep, the standard Negev breed, are known for high quality milk ideal for
cheese making.
The cheese produced at the Dairy is hand-made using traditional methods,
with a relatively small production line.
No preservatives are used
A Visit to the Dairy
Guests at the Dairy are invited to visit the Sheep Pens
and the Milking Shed.
Your guides will relate the history of the place, describe life on the farm and explain the handling of the sheep and the cheese making process.
Guests will also be offered a taste of the various cheeses produced at the Dairy.
Near the Dairy there is a shady covered area with seating
and a hot drinks stand as well as a Farm Store selling local cheese and delicacies.
The "Desert Wood" gallery displays its wares in the yard of the Dairy - unique designs that convey the beauty of the desert, made of solid wood, country style.
By prior arrangement: Organized Groups will enjoy a guided tour of the sheep pen and Milking Shed, with picnic baskets or a breakfast served in the yard of the Dairy.
The Tzeela Dairy Restaurant
The Dairy's restaurant is open on weekends.
Visitors are welcome to enjoy a cheese platter with all the extras.
It is also possible to make a reservation for a dairy meal throughout the week.

Events - Orders accepted for cheese platters and dairy meals.

Meals To Go
Order a picnic basket delivered to the field. Perfect for bicyclists,
hikers and nature lovers.

For tourists in area Guest Houses:
Order directly from us to receive delicious Picnic Baskets delivered to your room.

No reservations needed on weekends
Call in advance for reservations during the week.

Cheese Catalog
Price List for Cheese from Tzeela Dairy (At the  Farm Store)
Soft Feta for Baking
Unit Price: 1/2 kg in vacuum pack: NIS 20.00
Price per kg: NIS 40.00

Nitzan Fresh cheese delicately salted, herb flavored with garlic,dried tomatoes, sesame and nigella
(black cumin) or without seasoning.

Unit Price for 250 gr: NIS 23.00 not presently in stock
Price per kg: NIS 70.00

Yogurt Rich and thick, Balkan style and only 5% fat.
Sheep's Milk Yogurt   250 ml   NIS 12.00 per unit
Fruit Yogurt  250 ml   NIS 12.00 per unit
Sheep's Milk Yogurt1 liter  NIS 25.00 per unit

Inbal Hard cheese, Dutch style Flavor is intensified
with ripening.
Produced with/without caraway

Price per Unit: NIS 25.00 (150 gr)
Price per kg:NIS 170.00

Labaneh Sour and thick soft white cheese topped
with olive oil.

Price per Unit: NIS 22.00 for 250 gr' not presently in stock
Price per kg: NIS  65.00

Quartet Four cheese balls seasoned with toasted sesame, ground black pepper, garlic and dill,
za'atar (hyssop).
Seasoned Cheese Balls:

Unit Price for 200 gr': NIS 24.00 not presently in stock

Hard and semi-hard:

Sheep Feta
Price per Unit: NIS 24.00 (for 200 gr vacuum packed)
Price per kg: NIS 90.00

Talia Italian Style semi-hard cheese Slightly hard
crust and inside it is soft and melts in the mouth.

Price per Unit: NIS  22.00
Price per kg: NIS 140.00

Rotem Brie Style cheese
Price per Unit: NIS   25.00 (150  gr)
Price per kg: NIS 170.00

Sheked Camembert Style soft-ripened white mold cheese with edible crust
Price per Unit: NIS 25.00 (150-160 gr)
Price per kg: NIS 160.00

Moran sharp ripened mold cheese, developed locally
Price per Unit: NIS 28.00 (170 gr)
Price per kg: NIS 160.00

Mekomit Hard cheese for grating 
Unit Price: NIS    25.00 (150  gr)
Price per kg: NIS170.00

Grated Cheese 150 gr.
Price per Unit:NIS15.00 (150 gr)
Price per kg: NIS100.00

"Ruth" Sainte- Maure
Price per Unit: NIS 28.00 (150 gr)
Price per kg: NIS160.00


Price per Unit: NIS 25.00 (150 gr)
Price per kg: NIS170.00

The cheeses are made solely from sheep's milk.

Without preservatives

The cheeses bear the kashrut certificate issued by the Eshkol Regional Council Rabbinate.

** Large orders will receive a substantial discount.





Events on the Farm
The venue has breathtaking views, a temperate desert climate and a special atmosphere without parallel in the south

It provides a wonderful natural environment for small events of up to 60 people.
If you are interested in details or in hosting an event please get in touch through our "contact us" link.

The Wonders of Cheese
A workshop in the preparation of cheese for the whole family

We start with a tour of the sheep pens where
we view the sheep, deer and the adorable lambs.
There will be an explanation of the milking process and an overview of the farm (afternoon workshops will observe the milking in progress)
and then we will make cheese.
Everyone will get some pasteurized milk and a cheese making kit.
Then we blend, strain, cut and taste, and prepare a wonderful salty white cheese, Tsaftit.

The workshop can be booked in advance for groups with up to
30 participants. (Minimum 10 participants).

In the summer we conduct workshops in the yard of the dairy
which is shady only during the afternoon (from 5 PM).

During the rest of the year you can book a workshop throughout
the entire day.

*You can also order a dairy meal with our own cheese, served on the premises.

Duration of the Workshop:
About an hour and a quarter.
Cost: NIS 50.00 per participant from age 5.
Location: At the Sheep Farm's Dairy 1/2 km.
south of Moshav Ein HaBesor.

Must be booked in advance:
By Phone: 052-8478935
By Fax:  08-9965987

The workshops can be tailored for children or for adults.


Orders & Contact Us

There are several ways to order cheese from Tzeela Dairy:

Orders by email -
Orders by Fax. 097- 8 - 9965987
Orders by Telephone 097 - 52- 8478935

Secure Orders
The website is designed to give our customers the best, fastest, most secure service possible.
We recommend that customers interested in making an order use one of the possibilities listed above.
Tzeela Dairy
is committed to  filling orders as efficiently as possible to all its customers.

At your service,
Enjoy your purchase!

We accept credit cards.

Address: Sheep Farm, Eshkol Regional Council, 85465